Friday, December 11, 2009

My Goals

After dinner tonight at The Castle I have been inspired to try my hand at making some new dishes. Since this is kind of my new years resolution I wanted to write it all down and set myself some goals. So here's a list of new dishes I want to try out.

Lemon Chicken Scaloppine
Chicken Marsala
Beef Burgundy
A basic Bechamel sauce (it seems easy enough but we shall see)
Boeuf Bourguignon
Ox Tail Stew

For now that's my list but I'll add to it as I go on. The Ox Tail Stew has a funny story behind it that I'm going to share with you so you don't think I'm a complete nutbag for wanting to try it.

My grandmother grew up in Maryland. Her grandmother always made Ox Tail soup for them. Back then Ox Tail was for the poor. Yet another one of those meats that was a poor mans meat that has now been turned into a delicacy. They were poor growing up and would get the scraps from the local butcher. My grandmother LOVED it. She made it for me once when I was younger. Probably at the least 10 years ago. I loved it as well but have yet to try my hand at making it myself. I always see a package of Ox Tails at the store when I'm browsing meats for inspiration but I've yet to take the plunge and pick up the package. Is it fear that keeps me from doing so? I don't think so. I think it's more of that I'm afraid to dissapoint myself and have it turn out completely wrong. Therefore letting down my grandmother in the process. Silly I know but welcome to my world.

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