Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chicken Marsala

Today we had to make a trip to Blockbuster to return a movie with a scratch on it. Don't you hate that? GGGRRR. It just so happens that our local Blockbuster is right next door to our Wine Store. A rather large wine store if I might say so. Saturday's they do wine tastings and my husband LOVES wine so we went inside. I decided to look for this new Greek desert wine I tried last night called Mavrodaphne (on a side note...if you like sweet wines I highly suggest trying this one. It's absolutely delicious). I went to look at the desert wines thinking it'd be there and it wasn't. However this lovely bottle of Marsala wine for a whole whopping 5 dollars was calling to me and teasing me. So I decided to purchase said bottle. My original plan for dinner was 3 cheese tortelini with an italian sausage marinara sauce. But after purchasing said bottle of Marsala I decided I would try my hand.

After about an hour in the kitchen I have to say that not only was my stomach and taste buds pleasantly surprised but my husband was as well. It turned out amazingly well and by far was the best dish I've made to date. For sides I paired it with my creamy balsamic vinegrette pasta salad and green beans with garlic cream sauce. I realized while in the middle of making my cream sauce (which I've made on NUMEROUS occasions) that the base to my cream sauce is in fact a basic Bechamel sauce. Who'd have known? So I went to research it and's a Beschamel sauce. :)

Here's a picture of my amazing dish I made tonight

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