Saturday, March 6, 2010

So super excited

So I wanted to start out by apologizing for my absence. I've been doing pretty good with making sure to post at least 1 recipe a week at minimum but I really have slacked this week. My husband has been gone for a week and 2 days today and it's been a rough week for me. This isn't a super long underway...the longest so far this year but nothing massive. But for some reason I'm taking this one the hardest. I think a lot of it has to do with everything that's been going on.

A little background for you the last friday my husband was home for (so 2 weeks ago yesterday) I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted at once. It was awful. I ended up developing dry socket and just in a hot mess of pain. Literally the day I get over the dry socket I had to go back in to have 2 fillings done at once. My dentist was a little rough with it and I have batteled a migraine for 2 days now. So far so good today and I ate my first REAL meal in 2 weeks. Sausages. It was glorious.

I guess that's also a big factor as to why I haven't posted. I have not only not felt like eating but not been able to eat. I've just been in so much pain. But now that I'm feeling better I'm super excited about putting up some new recipes for you all. At the grocery store today I picked up 2 magazines to help give me some inspiration and even possibly give me some new recipes. I grabbed the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest magazine titled "Best Comfort Food". I'm ALLLLLL about some comfort food. I figured this one would be more for inspiring me. Help me have some new brainstorms. Get me hungry and in the mood to cook and experiment.

The second I picked up is by Taste of Home. It's strictly a casseroles magazine. Now I'd like to interject that this is the first time EVER in my life that I've bought magazines to help inspire me. I never use recipes but I have seemed to flat line lately on my creative spark and haven't had the motivation to test new things out. I figured this would give my battery the jump start it needed. The Casseroles one is mostly for my husband. He loves casseroles. I don't make many but I really should start since he doesn't eat many vegetables. This could be a way to incorporate veggies into our meals for me and meat for him without having to fix 10 different things and put them together. I can put them together THEN cook. hehe.

So I plan to flip through the 2 magazines tonight while I veg on the sofa with a glass of my Scuppernog wine (mmmmmmmm). I'll make some notes of the things I notice that look note worthy. I'll come back and let you all know what I've found and what it's helped me to come up with. After that if there are any precise recipes I try out I'll review them for you all and tell you if I added any other things to it and how to do it just right and everything. So keep your eyes peeled for lots of new things coming soon. I'm super excited!!!!

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